I Am Enough

Watching several people in my life enter actively into a dance with attachment/addiction response inspired a dive into the belly of why “I” is not enough. Wise men throughout history said it, “Happiness lies within you.” “Nothing outside of you can fulfill you.” And yet we still fight against the idea that “I am enough.” Why?

Why do we again and again get drawn into the false belief that someone or something outside will make us happy? When do we stop the suffering of chasing a false truth and finally begin the journey to make “me enough”? Bleeding broken hearts tore into their protective wall to open my friends into the conversation.

Pain is a catalyst for shifting frequency. Frequency inspires/fuels change. Change shifts consciousness upward. Higher consciousness recognizes that “I Am Enough”. As a state, Frequency shifts up and down situationally and with capacity.

What? Joy requires capacity?!?!

Eeek… joy is a capacity?!?! Isn’t joy a state that just happens or an emotion we seek out? Well I used to think so and then… And then…

Suddenly the idea of joy came under my microscope and the picture of why “I Am Enough” eludes most of us. Suddenly I understood in a flash of clarity. My friends lacked that inner joy and addictively sought joy in others’ love and lives. In the past, with a few of my clients, I helped build their physical capacity for joy BEFORE I could work on Self-Love. I put them in back pending postures trying to open and release heart energy.

Teaching them how to raise frequency and hold higher frequency allowed them to raise their awareness and consciousness high enough for them to even notice the lack of Self-Love in their day to day thoughts and life experience. Voilà, the connecting link to “I Am Enough”! High Frequency.

When we feel alive to the moment, joy in simply being alive, the richness of “me” comes alive. We can then cultivate Self-Love long and deep enough where “I Am Enough” sets in and acts as our guiding star.

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