Trust as a High Frequency Affair

During the last few months, trust worked its way into my life so often, that I finally paused and took notice.
If we think about how often trust appears in our world in so many ways: Do we trust a person? Or a place? Or a situation? Or someone’s word. Trust is deeply interwove into the very cells of our being that it deserves our attention. Because of situation after situation involving trust showing up in my life, it began to dawn on me that cultivating trust required a high level of personal frequency vibration. If I was not vibrating at a High Frequency level, I found it almost impossible to cultivate trust; trust of the world around me, trust of myself, trust of my intimate relationships. I find this fascinating, that once again such a fundamental concept within our experience as humans requires High Frequency!

Think about it, we, at our very foundation, are asked to trust that we are Infinite Divine Beings having a human expression. We are even asked to fundamentally trust Divine. I am not sure about you, but for me, these two levels of trust were extremely difficult to cultivate! When we are born, we are born with a veil; we forget our fundamental nature. Society, culture, our family, taught us that we are this human body. In effect, understanding our nature has been the quintessential human search for all of known human history. Who are we? Can we trust that we are Divine Beings?

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And, if these grand questions about trust were not enough to stimulate deep contemplation, our every day, normal lives, provide ample opportunities for trust to enter into each and every moment of our life.

In dialogue with others, I notice that I routinely check to see if they are telling me the truth: “Does their energetic field match their words? Are they in harmony with their beliefs, their words, their actions, their thoughts?” Even with my own self, I check in to see if I am living according to my deepest desire. Do I trust my own behaviors and actions to match my deeper emotional experience and my deeper beliefs about life and the world?

Interestingly, if I am not in a High-Frequency state, I find I cannot trust even my own actions or thoughts. To move into a state which I will call “the trust band”, I must first raise my overall vibratory frequency rate up into a High Frequency expression, then I can begin to see/know the grander picture, and notice if somewhere I am out of alignment. Even my inner intuition is stronger in this High Frequency expression.

When I feel safe, I trust the world around me, my relationships, and even deeply trust that life has my back, that Divine has my back. Trust is an expansive state; fear and lack of trust is a catabolic, contracted state. When I see fear and lack of trust in people, I see their personal energetic field collapsed and drawn very close around them to try and protect them.

How to cultivate this high frequency state of trust in our lives?

For me, I have discovered several steps that support living in an expansive, trusting, High Frequency state. My hope is that these can serve you as well!

Cultivating Trust:

📌 Remind yourself every day that you are a Divine infinite being having a human experience.

📌 Upon awakening each morning, ask life what amazing experiences will come in contact with your life today.

📌 Every day, see or notice at least three times that you extended trust towards a person, a situation, a concept, or anything.

📌 Check in daily to see if your “trust meter” is rising or falling. If you notice it falling, begin to cultivate High Frequency and then check in again to see if this changed your “trust meter” measurement.

A quick reminder, if you’re finding it difficult to think of something you can trust, think about the sun, do you trust that the sun will rise in the morning? Do you trust that evening will fall and darkness will rise? I would venture to guess that every single one of us puts trust in nature. So there, two things you know and can find that you trust in this very moment!

I hope these suggestions help! Wishing you a most lovely month ahead from the moment you read this!

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