6 Tips to Increase Your Home’s Harmony and Frequency

A harmonious environment vastly helps with raising overall vibrational frequency.
Does your home environment generate peace and harmony? Here are a few questions to ask about your home: 

  • “How is the harmony in my home?”
  • “How do I feel when I walk into my home?” 

If coming home feels like walking into a heavy environment unsupportive of our higher interests, then, start changing the environment. Here are a few tips to create a more harmonious home:  

  1. Spring Clean. Give away or throw out items no longer in use or needed. My rule, if I have not used it in the last year, it’s time to pass it on to someone who will use and enjoy! These unnecessary objects take up the space of new, exciting items more resonant with the current you. The old, dusty items actually prevent you from moving forward! Sale or donate them to someone in need. Then notice how your home feels. 
  2. Physically Clean. Keep the interior and exterior house clean. If it feels burdensome to clean, or it is impossible to clean alone, ask someone to help. If friends or family are not available, trade with someone, or help them with their own cleaning. If affordable, make the investment and pay someone to help you, even periodically. Exterior cleanliness and freshness reflects and can create an inner harmony and peace.
  3. Reorganize. Move furniture around to a better, more useful layout. Create more space. What’s the best place for a piece of furniture? Reorganize each room to make day-to-day life flow smoothly and to emotionally support a joyful day. Watch how your mood will change!
  4. Beautify. Bring in fresh and beautiful art, flowers, plants, photographs. Beauty brings joy. Notice what makes you smile and what lifts your spirits. Recreate the home environment to enhance joy and beauty. The possibilities are infinite! Have fun. Remember, this does not require a large sum of money; mostly it requires creativity. You can also add beautiful smells to your home like natural essential oil air fresheners or even change the color of your walls; a few ideas to stimulate your own creativity!
  5. Feng Shui. Hire a Feng Shui specialist to help create a different flow and positive  energy in your environment. Shifting the flow and energy in the home can totally shift the harmony and peace in your home. If hiring an expert is not possible, buy a book and start making the changes! I did and created an amazingly peaceful home for myself and my husband.
  6. High Frequency. Play high frequency music on a loop in your home. At night, I play my own frequency recordings on loop – our gold membership gives you access to frequency recordings, learn more here. Solfeggio Frequency tones are also available for free by joining as a silver member here. Playing them continually on loop raises the frequency higher and higher. People immediately feel and experience peace and harmony. 

Remember, changing the environment in your home does not need to be expensive or a monumental effort. Start slow, one step at a time. Even the smallest shift can make an enormous difference. It only needs willingness! 

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