A High Frequency Declaration of Our Desires

One of the most crucial aspects of affecting change and transformation requires first identifying our desires. Remember, this year 2017, we set up our path for this new nine year cycle, 2017 being a “one” year. As the global sentiment of uncertainty pervades our current environment, to me, this subject feels important for these current times.

What mechanism do we use to decide our path? I personally prefer looking at and analyzing my desires, meaning what I want, in order to see my path forward. Some people visualize better by comparing contrasts, meaning learning what they desire by identifying what they do not want.

Over time I have experienced that higher frequency expression arises from focusing on desires, my “wants”. In effect, I empower and energize what I want through my time and energy spent thinking about it and wanting it.
And conversely thinking about what I do not like or want in effect empowers the exact opposite of my desires. This results, from my experience, in a drop in frequency. AND if not kept in check can foster a downward mental and emotional spiral. Seems so obvious does it not? Why then, do we end up so often frustrated and focused on what we do not want? Ah, the million dollar question!

First, the field of neuroscience recently discovered that this choice to focus “against” something is hard wired into our reptilian brain, part of our survival flight, fight, and freeze mechanism. We need to see the tigers or we die! It behooved our ancestors to remain cautious and to identify what they did not want. Makes sense. They needed to survive in a threatening environment.

Secondly, fighting “against” what we do not want is a habit fostered by similar cultural choices; think protesters protesting. To be clear, I do not judge this path as “good” or “bad”. I see the behavior more associated with frequency expression. Once again, working to keep ourselves living in high frequency and in a High Frequency environment directly affects which mechanism we choose to express our path forward.
Remember we live in choice and can alter our path forward at any moment.

High frequency emotional expressions include love, positivity, possibility, compassion, joy, clarity, hope. These sentiments support a focus on desires, what we want, expressing what we stand “for”. I remember people discussing the 1960’s and the “anti-war” protests.

During that power-filled social age many people began speaking about “peace”, “make love not war”. This resonates to my experience of choosing and focusing on what I desire, what I want; often my desires literally show up in my external experience faster.

Indeed in these globally important and pivotal months ahead, may we unify and stand together as a species desiring peace, well-being and basic survival needs satisfied for every living being in all worlds!

My love to you all!!

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