Frequency – Vibrational Alignment

Living a high frequency life raises awareness, consciousness, and joy. When we learn to live in high frequency, our consciousness begins to grow and awaken.  We develop strong powers of awareness both of the world around us and of our own inner soul. At Self Synthesize!®, we have discovered that deep subconscious struggles and repressed “shadow” issues cannot remain hidden in a life lived with high frequency. 

When our overall body frequency drops, a cascade of effects begin to take place. The immune system becomes compromised, and then our body becomes susceptible to different illnesses, depending on our frequency level. We also begin to experience emotional and mental stress along with the physiological stress. 

An average human body has an overall frequency, during the daytime, of 62-68 Hz and a healthy human body maintains a frequency of 62-72 Hz. Each organ has its own frequency, with the brain maintaining the highest frequency. When we let our body frequency drop to the 57-60 Hz range, colds and flues begin to set in, while disease begins at around 58 Hz and death at 25 Hz.

Understanding this basic underlying vibrational resonance in the body highlights the need to maintain a life of high-frequency in order to enable the body, mind, and soul to avoid many of life’s stresses. A high frequency lifestyle puts us on a fast track to reaching our beautiful Divine potential as a creative force on the planet.

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