3 Biggest Wellness Tips from 2015

Just WoW. It is the end of 2015, the time for looking backwards and for looking forwards. Looking back to what we are grateful for during the past year. Looking forward to the new moves and new leaps we want to take in the coming year.

Life comes with ups and downs, valleys, curves and winding roads. Let’s be real, life is never a straight road and never always pleasant. However that richness of opposition and of contrast gives us the opportunity to gain pinpoint clarity on what we truly desire in life.
Soooo for me embracing the messiness blesses me with rich soil to mold my life as I wish. May you enjoy the same! Let’s meet on the other side of “woe is me” and create our lives together consciously…

Happy New Year!! Grateful for YOU in my life!!

2015 Spiritual Health Check, 3 Biggest Wellness Tips from 2015

My friend on Facebook asked me to write about important health factors in my life for 2015. Good reflection! Three wellness tips immediately came to mind: 

  • I incorporated even more high frequency in my life.
  • I eliminated virtually all PUFAs from my diet.
  • I stopped demonizing sugar and fructose.

High Frequency:

I work with frequency, everyday supporting myself and my clients to raise their overall vibratory frequency. It still BLOWS me away what a profound impact this makes in people’s lives, mine included.

During this past year after my marriage and with the addition of my husband into my daily life, I refocused my personal journey on raising my frequency and his as well. Recently, we reflected on how much this made a difference in our individual experience and in our marriage. To be honest, looking at the scale of positive changes, we felt humbled.

How did we raise our frequency? Well, a few of our efforts: We made choices for positivity, in our speech, in the movies we watched, and in the inspirational lectures and music we listened to. We played the Solfeggio Frequency tones and my frequency downloads to raise the frequency in our home environment. We changed our diet and we committed to frequent hugs!


Remember the acronym PUFA stands for polyunsaturated fatty acids found in vegetable, nut, seed, and fish oils as well as grains; in other words, the Omega 3’s and Omega 6’s. Eliminating PUFA came easy as I had already stopped eating grains. The difficulty included eliminating nuts and fish oils.

The most immediate effect I noticed from persistently avoiding PUFA? An instant boost of vital energy, 6:00 AM no longer seemed traumatic. I no longer needed to drag myself out of bed convincing myself that I would feel sooooo much better after my yoga. Now I find myself awake every morning between 5:30 and 6:00 AM alert, and with no effort at all.

The next effect I noticed: my hormone levels began rebalancing. My progesterone levels had declined which caused estrogen dominance in my body. That imbalance self-corrected as my progesterone levels went up from eliminating PUFAs.

Third, I noticed different signs of aging disappear. Several aging signs had appeared on my face, forearms, hands and legs: increased wrinkling, age spots, tiny cysts on my cheeks and eyelids, spider veins on my heels, thighs and my inner knees. Little by little these have all but disappeared! AND without me doing anything different or targeted to affect them.


Like most of the world, sugar and fructose represented everything wrong with the SAD or Standard America Diet. After researching and learning about Ray Peat, I began to understand about generative energy systems and the role fructose and sucrose plays in them.

I learned how burning fat for fuel as I had been for 2 years actually caused my system to degenerate and slow my metabolism causing a hypothyroid state. This set me on a journey to heal my metabolism, my thyroid, my liver and its ability to process sugar. I helped my body to burn fructose for fuel not fat and begin eating once again fruit and honey.

See the PUFA section above for some of the results I noticed. Hopefully my example inspires you to explore! My biggest takeaway for the year boils down to one word: gratitude! I feel immense gratitude for the fundamental shifts in my life: my marriage and our commitment to living high frequency AND the fundamental paradigm shift in my understanding of health and how to maintain a healthy physical, emotional and spiritual system.

Amazing! Another year passes and my learning keeps growing. Nice.

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