AA (Angels & Anger)

How about those two concepts and qualities coming together in a blog?!?

First, all about Angels… Thank goodness for my guardian angels!! (I’ll talk about anger in a moment).

As some of you might know, I am always examining myself, my journey, the journeys of others, life’s journey, and deeply exploring concepts and qualities that inspire my life and hopefully inspire the lives of others.

Translating this into very simple language: whatever is particularly “up” for me in the moment — like fear, frustration, anger, joy, peace — receives my rapt attention. AND sometimes I get mired in the meandering eddies of my rumination. In other words, sometimes I can get stuck!

In those “stuck” moments, I call in my Light Team, my guardian angels, to come in closely so I can feel their supportive, loving, nurturing, presence. Calling on my Light Team gently helps me ground in and stay present AND move forward. It is soooo comforting to know that we are never alone, and that we are always supported. Our guardian angels are with us for our entire lifestream.

Knowing this gives me the courage to stand and face some of those uncomfortable “moments” of truth instead of turning away from them. Consciously calling in your own guardian angels and support in those moments when you feel vulnerable can be an extremely powerful level of support for you, too.

Now, on to Anger…
One particular “moment” came up for me this month around anger. I had decided to play with and dance with anger. I noticed as anger bubbled up it would have different textures, tones, and qualities depending on the original trigger. And then it dawned on me: I’m only really able to see this aspect of anger in myself when I am in relation(ship) with another.

Examining it alone, when I am feeling comfortable and safe, anger rarely arises. But as soon as I engage with others, certain behaviors can trigger anger in me. As an emotion, anger occurs pretty much on the surface masking an underlying emotion such as fear or hurt. Anger actually provides a rich environment and opportunity to mine some of the deeper aspects of ourselves. This proactive, curious engagement creates empowerment that can turn something like anger into a creative force in our life, rather than keeping us in the “victim” mode where anger ends up controlling us.

To my pleasant surprise, choosing to have a conscious relationship with anger creates the environment and possibility of powerful deep healing. By conscious relationship, I mean a partnership where the moment anger arises or something triggers anger, a dialogue occurs and the anger is examined and listened to for clues.  

Before, I believed that to manage and handle a strong emotion like anger, I had to be alone to examine it. Now, I understand how a conscious relationship with a strong emotion like anger can create a supportive environment that allows me to navigate and examine all of my powerful emotions – right in the moment.

Needless to say, July provided the perfect opportunities to dance with my anger and simultaneously feel the loving support of my Light Team, my guardian angels, and my loving, conscious husband. Just one more example of life’s perfect flow. Perhaps in your life you can ask not only your own guardian angels and Light Team, but your spouses, partners and/or friends to serve you as powerful support as you dance with your own strong emotions. I had never thought to do so before, but I certainly will going forward!

Huge hugs to you all!


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