Ensuring a Joyful and Peaceful Holiday Season!

Here we are in the holiday season! Want to explore ways of making this the most rewarding and meaningful holiday season of our lives? Are you with me? Doesn’t this feel empowering? Let’s move into December, filled with grace, love, and a determination to share our loving and joyful presence with anyone who crosses our path.

Yes, and that means EVEN those people (and even situations) that irritate us. If we can do it for a month, we can slowly extend the time until it becomes our modus operandi.

As we all know, holidays, family, festivities, events, if not careful, can end up pushing our buttons; triggering deep, old wounds we have never healed or addressed. Increasing our awareness, and learning our physical, emotional, and mental signs of being triggered, gives us a strong foundation to navigate sticky situations with grace and ease.

One strategy I use when I notice my personal triggered signals, begins with acknowledging my stress. Then, I remind myself that this person, like myself, is Divine, and on their own journey through life. We come together to support each other’s growth and each other’s life, even in unpleasantness. This strategy is predicated on the Four Tenets of Life. Without accepting these tenets as assumptions of reality, the idea of accepting the other in front of you as also Divine might seem ludicrous. See the Four Tenets below:

Four Tenets of Life

  • All That Is.
  • All That Is flows as your human personality expression.
  • Influenced by you, life flows in your favor.
  • Including it all transcends suffering.

Using these principles have given me amazing strength in life and in facing life’s challenges. They act as powerful reminders that we swim in the creative sea of All That Is. Like precious diamonds hidden underneath rough edges, we all tumble together in the grand tumbler called Earth, bumping up against each other over and over, as slowly our rough edges wear away turning us into smooth shining brilliant diamonds.

Another holiday strategy involves using these occasions to radiate my deep love and care, my positive presence to everyone and every occasion rather than expecting others to give me a certain experience. In other words, I focus on giving and allowing the receiving to arise spontaneously, knowing that life flows in my favor. This way I don’t expect a certain experience or outcome, so I am delighted with what arises in the moment.

A final strategy that puts the joy, the love and the ease of a festive holiday back into each holiday moment, is to repeat inside my mind repeatedly:

“Life has my back AND this too shall pass. May love continue to flow as me.”

It would be my deep pleasure, and frankly “rock my world”, to know that my strategies help you have a delightful, festive, loving holiday season ahead!

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