High Frequency Transcends New Year’s Resolutions

Think about it, when we set our “goals” and “New Year’s Resolutions”, we want to inspire ourselves into more, into change. The idea of resolutions sounds logical and even inspiring. One question: what happens if you fail to meet your goals or give up on your resolutions after three weeks or a month? Then what? Most of us resort to guilting ourselves, beating ourselves up, and, unfortunately, sometimes shaming ourselves into performance compliance. Sadly, we eventually give up.

Yikes?!?! Can this be healthy? Contribute to wellness or well-being? Not in sustainable, long term change or viability. I realized the trap of New Year’s Resolutions a few years back when I sincerely chose to spend New Year’s Eve meditating, eating healthy while I also spent quality time reflecting and planning my year ahead. The next day, New Year’s Day, I sat eating my black-eyed peas and it hit me like a lead balloon: “I set myself up to fail! *Gulp*” All my resolutions suggested that something was wrong with me, that I was not quite good enough, that I hadn’t yet “cut the mustard” so to speak.

How dis-empowering! I instantly dropped my resolutions and re-evaluated what would inspire and uplift my spirit. What dawned on me is that a better way to think about this “improvement or change” would be to focus on themes. For example, if I make my theme for the New Year ahead be health and wellness, then I bring that energy continuously into my worldview, my awareness; and the great part? There are literally hundreds of ways health and wellness can be explored or can show up in my life. My life grows, improves AND I never made myself wrong or less than, not good enough, etc. I also haven’t limited that vast theme of health and wellness to one tiny goal like lose ten pounds. I have left myself open to more, expanded my possibilities, and the best? I set myself up for success.


For the past few years this strategy has served me immensely, helping me deal with extremely challenging times. AND, my modus operandi is exploration; let’s not stop here, let’s move into new territory type of sentiments. During this past month, I took up the challenge, “How can we see this in an even broader more empowering way?” The first word that dropped in my brain when I asked this question was High Frequency (well, technically two words, but one concept — lol). Now curious, I let my mind wonder and reflect for a few weeks about the multitudinous ways High Frequency could transcend and still include the balanced approach to resolutions through themes. The most striking vision crossed my mind.

Imagine we focus on infusing High Frequency in every aspect of our lives, especially the areas of our lives that feel less than, or plain frustrating. What happens? High Frequency comes with expansion, bigger possibilities, hope, compassion, to name only a few qualities. We do not even need to name a “trouble” or a “frustration”. By simply raising our frequency these beautiful qualities naturally pour into every nook and cranny of our lives, into literally every cell. Our physical system moves towards balance, positivity, creativity again to name only a few qualities. These qualities infuse into our physical matter, into our emotional nature, into our mental space. From here we began to attract these same ideas, people, events that match this new frequency signal our physical being continuously emits.

We, in effect, offer trust to life, to Divine, to match this powerful frequency signature without limiting this power by identifying desired outcomes. Additionally, we remain open to what flows into our lives, to what crosses our paths. Seems simple enough right?!?! Well, try telling the mind and brain to practice this! My mind jumped in with a million ideas, solutions, definitions, anything but “remaining, open and trusting the flow of life”. Now I understand why this concept is taught mainly by highly evolved Spiritual Beings/teachers. Friends, I am not going to lie, it is hard to sincerely practice. It sounds amazing and difficult to ground into action. Hold on, don’t give up on me now. I promise to make it easier! Different teachers have created simple ways around this; ideas like: “Follow Your Bliss; Follow Your Highest Excitement; Do What Makes You Feel Good, etc.” I agree with all of these strategies. They work. They keep your system in resonance with these qualities.

Full disclosure, I have a tiny bias towards High Frequency — lol, as everyone of you reading this must know. If we use High Frequency as a strategy, than we activate the third level of consciousness: “With Me” consciousness. See this blog here to read more.
Here we let ourselves creatively act with life or with Divine to generate outcomes beyond our brain’s or mind’s capacity to conceive. We trust and live in knowingness that “this or something better” will work out for us. The risk we take adopting this strategy? We open ourselves to miracles, to consequences beyond our wildest imagination!

I can verify that after implementing this strategy on a small two week experimental basis, it WORKS! To my grand surprise and delight these results came after only two weeks: my physical body began to release some of my extra fat — I began losing weight with NO thought of trying to or even having it in my awareness. Also, my body became stronger, I increased the difficulty of my yoga practice without ANY struggle or effort, I simply felt like doing it. Additionally, my work shifted slightly, some clients left that were strong and no longer needed my help as almost at the same time, new clients came that deeply needed my work. Finally, my husband’s project began moving forward slowly after it seemed to be at a standstill for months. Stepping back, these are a lot of results in just two weeks. Hopefully they are enough to inspire you to give High Frequency a chance! I promise, you will not regret it.
For more ideas about raising frequency see here.

Wishing you an amazing month and New Year ahead!

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