Contraction and Expansion… How to Stay in the Flow of Life!

When contraction stops working…

One of the tools that I used in the past as a management tool, a strategic tool for feeling safe, managing uncomfortable situations, was contraction. I could pull myself back all around myself and create a little safe environment that gave me a sense of power, sense of strength sense of safety.

A super fantastic management tool and one that I still give at times when appropriate! It’s extremely powerful when we have totally disconnected from ourselves and disassociated, feel unsafe and/or feel lost. It allows us to feel a sense of ourselves and feel our own power. I used it all the time and I traveled around the world by myself.

WELL… an uncomfortable situation arose on New Year’s Eve, and I decided to apply the strategy to help me navigate a situation with my fiancé. AND as I soon as I started that contraction I literally felt as if I fell out of heaven, out of Eden… Seriously it was a physical sensation of falling and painful in my body as I was forced in the tunnel of contraction that I had launched. Once I had initiated that contraction I couldn’t pull back in the middle of it!! It happened FAST!! I understood then that the story of Eden was truly a metaphor for a physical and consciousness state of being.

SERIOUSLY, I wanted to stop the “fall”, the contraction, because I started having physical pain in a very profound way and literally knew that I was falling out of heaven, that I had been a state of bliss, open and expanded without even knowing it; the very condition of Eden: the unconscious place of being connected into Divine, open, expanded, living in a beautiful state of Grace and Flow.

My initial laughter of thinking: “Whoa, Lisa, what a bad strategy…” turned into tears as I experienced the painful, uncomfortable, horrific state of contraction. I immediately begin to understand how much I have grown and changed and expanded and have been living in a high-frequency state compared to when this contracted state used to feel comfortable, right for me, healthy for me. WoW!!!! What a long journey I have walked…

SOOOOOOO…… to share with you the part of this story that will support you in your journey is how I brought myself back out of that contracted state.

  1. First, of course, was the realization of where I was what the difference was.
  2. I began to say the word *love* in my mind repeatedly. That allowed me to actually go to sleep.
  3. The next day I noticed my contraction was a little better so I went full force with my routine, my protocol:
    a) good supplements
    b) my yoga
    c) connecting in with Divine Source, pulling them around me supporting me
    d) playing high frequency music
    e) I went about my workday and helped my clients with frequency which continued to raise my frequency
    f) I started to feel better and had begun pull myself up out of that contracted state.
  4. I shared my experience with my fiancé, and here my sweet friends lies one of the most profound experiences of my lifetime – where true partnership acts as a support for the other.

That night after a day of climbing back up that expanded open consciousness ladder towards Eden, alone, I felt his beautiful sweet Beingness come around me that next night and seriously rock me open, helping me connect and move back up into that place of Eden, of heaven again!!!

In a period of two days it was as if I lived the story of mankind of being in “heaven, Eden”, bliss, joy, connected in with Divine, open, expanded, AND not knowing it. THEN falling out of that state, and experiencing the long conscious journey I took back UP into that state; with the final beautiful support coming from my partner, knowing that I was not alone.

SERIOUSLY one of the most profound enlightening, spiritual, PRECIOUS experiences of my life. That’s how my new year started!!! OMG that’s going to be very hard to top going forward…

Here I want to give YOU some frequency, all of you reading this for supporting your journey into consciousness, your journey into bliss, your journey into Eden…

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