High Frequency Soothes the Up and Down Nature of Healing and Fatigue

The journey of life, of growth and of healing flows not in a straight line; rather as a series of ups and downs while steadily raising higher. I have known this truth for over thirty years and seen it in direct action countless times. I describe it to my friends and clients using the image of a graph: the line is steadily moving upwards but with a large series of ups and downs, stops and restarts. It looks a bit like this image:

Up and Down Image

AND yet…

At times, the reality of ups and downs can be difficult to swallow. I completely understand and have felt this challenge time and again. The holiday season has started here in US and that often brings, fun, cheer AND exhaustion attempting to keep up socially. Voilà, even the holidays mirror this up and down theme!

Interesting how the flow of life works. Often when I am reflecting and exploring my next blog, something in my outside experience shows up related to my subject. This particular theme and blog is no exception.

Just the other day a dear friend of mine expressed his concern about his wife not fully healing from pneumonia earlier this year that put her in the hospital multiple times. “She is just not fully recovering,” he said, “She improves for a while, and then her health descends again, and she is exhausted.” In my response, I attempted to explain this up and down nature of healing and that I felt encouraged hearing that she had improved on multiple occasions, even if she then slid backwards. My point to him was: do not be worried about having downs after some ups; be concerned if there were NO ups and only a steady descent downwards.

Nov2019blog Image

As preparation for writing and exploring this theme, I spent the last few months reflecting on my life and my journey through life. What a ride my life has been — lol! One of my takeaways from this reflection drove home the up and down nature of our inner growth or of our recovery from an illness or from a tragedy like a loss of job, a death of a friend or family member etc.

Truly healing is not a straight line affair. Take heart, especially if it all seems random at times; it is not! One important point that I noticed about my ups and downs in life: over time, the ups grow bigger and last longer and the downs grow smaller and last for a shorter amount of time. AND the graph grows upwards and expands into more and more and more. Even when life feels overwhelming and exhausting, in truth life grows upwards and in our favor. Life has our backs. In ultimate truth, the physical world and every being within intrinsically seeks harmony and love.

Though life can feel exhausting at times trying to balance work, friends, spouse/partner, children, keeping ourselves healthy and happy, remember that High Frequency can help balance these elements of life pulling in different directions. Even destruction paves the way for creation. Think back to our graph image, the wavy line seeks harmony and balance in the center and grows ever closer to the center line over time even as that center line grows upwards into more. Powerful and reassuring.

May this reminder of the ever expanding nature of life, full of bumps and potholes in the road, serve to rejuvenate your enthusiasm and bring you new vitality and vital force wisking your fatigue to the sun to be exchanged with new life energy for you!!

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