Choose the High Road to Remember Your Power

Recently I received several emails from people overwhelmed with a fear of being out of control in their own lives. They believed that other people and events had harmed them. I also noticed this theme permeating throughout the world in general this year. First, I want to honor the real sense of fear such a belief and feeling can generate inside a person. Can be terrifying. I also think this highlights an overall theme: we, as humans, are being asked to remember that we live in choice, —> “by me” consciousness rather than what has prevailed previously on this earth, victim hood, —> “to me” consciousness.

I also saw this theme dovetailing in my own life. Due to funding intricacies, my husband and I currently live like birds on a twig: For the last 2 months, we have lived daily on the edge of not knowing when we will leave and move to Ireland. We sold our car over two months ago and gave away our furniture over one month ago and now sleep on the floor. We have cleared out our condo except for bare, bare necessities and are 97% packed, ready to fly and have our condo shut down in less than one day.

Early on, after our first departure delay, I quickly understood that in order to move through this time with sanity and maintain good physical, emotional, and mental health, I needed to make a choice in how I would respond to the situation: the high road or the low road — truthfully, I saw no in between in this situation. Intuitively, I sense the same applies to current global situations. As a species we are being asked on multiple fronts to make this choice: high road or low road. Life situations can be pleasant or unpleasant. This is normal. Our response determines this choice of high road or low road.

High Road

  • Maintain my personal power and remember I am an Infinite Being having an human experience.
  • Choose positivity everyday. Please note that this does not mean suppressing fear, anxiety, worry, frustration, etc or denying that life has presented an unpleasant situation. It might have. Acknowledging that something is frustrating or unpleasant is extremely important. HOW we respond determines whether we chose the high road or low road.
  • Remember EVERYTHING is happening in my favor even when it appears not to be. Life has our back. EVEN when it doesn’t seem like it.
  • Experience gratitude throughout the experience for what amazing learning and strength it is bringing me. Remember that all experiences without exception can offer all involved a glimpse into something they seek. Notice the “no intermediary choice” theme again – either we believe it or we do not. Either we live the belief or we do not. Discover what wisdom the unpleasant experience offers and shift into gratitude for what I can see and learn.

Low Road

  • Be grumpy and gripe and complain about this horrible situation we are in.
  • Choose negative feelings and behavior like anger and resentment blaming our situation on others.
  • Carry a cloud of negativity around me and in my field believing that life is treating me unfavorably.
  • The state of “being wronged” or feeling this “being wrongedness” set up a straight road to suffering and become a spiral downward, hard to pull out of. Some people spend their whole lives struggling with being wronged. This feeling and taking the low road corresponds to —> “to me” consciousness or victim hood.

One of the fastest ways to shift from: –> to me consciousness into –> by me consciousness and out of that rut and trap is gratitude or, in certain situations, forgiveness. Find even the smallest or simplest thing to be grateful for and DO/FEEL it over and over in the mind like a mantra. Or, find the tiny speck of forgiveness inside the heart and let it grow.

In my personal case, rest assured I chose the high road and can confidently say: POSITIVITY WORKS. I do not mean a surface push to say something positive all the while suppressing anger, frustration, fear, resentment. I mean living, breathing, exuding, choosing to take the high road with whatever comes our way in the normal flow of life. Trust me and give it a try.

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