The Loving Power of Divine Source

Nothing exists other than Divine Source. Each particle exists as one facet of Divine Source. Divine Source contains Infinite expressions and each one, each expression, is but one expression of Infinite Divine Source.

If you have one take away from this, please let it be the wisdom that matter does not need to be transcended, matter is not “bad” nor lower than higher frequency expressions. This misunderstanding has pervaded our world for too long. Please bury it here today in this instant! Claim in each of your cells and let its “shout out” penetrate each molecule: There is nothing other than Divine Source! 

Use your free will, the pleasure and gift of your dimension, as a creative capacity and descend wisdom and experience of Divine Source into the borders and the boundaries of your physical container. Those two Divine expressions and wisdoms, matter and Divine Source Frequency, merge and form free will.

Most have not comprehended the importance of this merging and have used the “bad matter” model to create systems and thought forms, which invariably do not serve all of manifest reality. Again, verily know in your heart that this distorted wisdom fades with each passing day.

More are waking up to the True Wisdom and when action based on Truth begins to sweep through the world, that wave will wash through all of creation lifting everyone in its wake into a new dawning. So, pause, and feel that wave of frequency washing through your physical body, notice how the energy of the word matches your experience. Wave.

It leaves you speechless from its power and you do not wish to move even a finger, as it ushers forth that loving power of Divine Source into a feeling tone. It actually feels like a symphony in your cells. We like that description on your website, symphony of cells. This exactly describes the effect of frequency within your physical body. The wave can serve you throughout the entire stream of your life.

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