Expanded Consciousness Shift: 4 Levels of Consciousness

Last October, I began participation in a fabulous one year Integral Facilitator Program certification training. One of my recent thought experiments involved a reflection on what qualities of a facilitator have opened up in my work. 

This led me into a deep dive into consciousness and how high vibrational frequency interfaces with it. From there, I noticed how the process model, Perceive, Think, Act, of Ray Peat, works nicely in the interface of frequency and the 4 stages of consciousness. 

What are the 4 levels of Consciousness?

  • To me
  • By me
  • With me
  • Through me

What I discovered fascinated me, and am thrilled to share with you!  

1st Stage of Consciousness: To me 

This level maps well to this model:
Perceive/Act ⇨ Act ⇨ Think

This stage uses a more survival/stress reptilian brain induced mode of living. Interestingly, this level creates a protective environment defined by the external world. It allows an individual a level of safety in which to grow and gain individual strength.
This stage of consciousness sees life as “happening to me”, and defined by external reality, which plays a powerful role in an individual’s world. It can lead to experiencing life as a victim, with no control over circumstances, a reactive mode of living; act out of reaction and maybe later think and reflect. 

“To me” consciousness can grow a mental condition of learned helplessness otherwise commonly known as depression. A difficult stage to grow out of and leave behind, both because of the safety (of sorts) it provides and because it requires a huge leap in frequency to move up and out of this stage.
The vibrational frequency of the individual in “to me” consciousness operates out of emotional states like gratitude, love, seeking balance, seeking peace. Also emotional states triggered by lower emotions like fear, anger, guilt, etc. will show up more often in this stage and the individual might be more stabilized in these lower emotional states.

2nd Stage of Consciousness: By me

This level maps well to this model: 
Think ⇨ Perceive ⇨ Act

Here an individual takes more control in their lives knowing they can influence their experience. Their vibrational frequency begins to raise. Action oriented stage that seeks to influence situations. A person’s thoughts and beliefs often determine what they perceive. 

An individual attempts to create and shape experience/reality; an energy intensive life model. Also, eventually the individual notices the difficulty in actually accruing much success…too many variables.  This stage of “by me” sets up a separation of how the individual views themselves in relation to the world/reality. It contains the elements of “me” and “the world I control”. 

“I am in charge of my world.” Notice the dual feeling tone in this belief? Also this model conflicts with “feet on the ground and embodied” and embodying My Infiniteness in moment to moment life…

This stage experiences the higher vibrational frequency emotional tones of gratitude (needs the dual separation of me and not me), positivity, potentiality, possibility, compassion, love, etc. Emotional states of anger and fear can also play a role in this stage, though they are less the stabilizing emotions like in the “to me” level of consciousness.

3rd Stages of Consciousness: With me

This level maps well to the model:
Perceive ⇨ Think ⇨ Act 

This stage begins to understand the “self as instrument” model and ground it into real time moment to moment life expression. It allows for approaching a life from an openness to Presence as arising in the moment. It eliminates the need to meet life and the moment with preconceptions of what “should be occurring” and the need for certain outcomes. AND eliminates the efforting associated with “trying to not have” preconceptions. 

This mindset connects the outer self to an inner Self and co-creates and co-navigates life as it is arising.  The hard “dualistic” distinction in “by me” stage of consciousness softens in these more fluid, blended, consciously merged “with me” stage of consciousness.

This stage  (Perceives), reflects and then chooses a course of action. Radical actually, and generates emotional and vibratory frequency states such as much joy, self love, tuned into their own Infinite Beingness and high overall vibrational frequency rate in the individual. Life becomes a dance with inner reality. Rarely do lower frequency emotional states dominate an individual. As a human, all emotions arise and fall, come and go. The difference from earlier stages lies in the dominance of experience by low frequency emotions. This rarely occurs in “with me” consciousness.

This stage dovetails nicely with a quote from Yogi Bhajan (Yogi Tea); a concept that has helped my clients by giving them a strength in individual self connectedness and knowing the inner Self this creating the necessary differentiation from what does not resonate with the flow of their own Infiniteness…notice the “Perceive ⇨ Think ⇨ Act” theme in the quote:

“If you are willing to look at another person’s behavior toward you as a reflection of the state of their relationship with themselves rather than a statement about your value as a person, then you will, over a period of time cease to react at all.” 

4th Stage of Consciousness: Through me

This level maps well to the model:
Perceive ⇨ Think ⇨ Act 

A sense of greater oneness emerges in the “through me” stage. A highly fluid stage where the individual recognizes that Divine “dances as me”. Individuality exists though personality and is centered in a greater context of Infinite Self.

Like the previous stage, this 4th stage  (Perceives), reflects and then chooses a course of action. The difference being that perception now involves a bigger, universal, Infinite scale. Identity lies with the Infinite Beingness as opposed to the human expression of the Infinite Beingness.

This stage vibrates at the level of freedom of individuality in relation. Thus in combination with the previous stage’s co-created space, it engenders Divine dancing as creation and expanding upon creation Infinitely…

The high vibrational frequency emotional states of bliss, connected to Divine, Divine love pulse through the individual. Lower emotional frequency states might momentarily arise, though they do not last or chosen as a state of expression. The individual might choose to use the energy of anger to propel action, but always remains in control and conscious of the use. A rare few human expressions of this stage are present on the planet.

Hope this helps! My love to you all!

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