High Frequency Spring Cleans Outdated Beliefs

At certain points in our lives, we bump up against beliefs, ideas and even ways of assessing situations or ways of thinking that no longer serve us. Unfortunately we do not realize this need to shift thinking patterns until we are squarely in the middle of a “not fun” situation.

This applies to every human being, none of us can escape this continual self evaluation. If we try to avoid the work, life compassionately happens and forces us to re-evaluate. I have plenty of examples from my personal life — lol. Trust me. Better to remain aware and conscious; less hassle in the long run.

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In many ways, re-evaluation and evolving represent our actual life journey. Our cognitive understanding of situations radically changes between three years old and thirty five years old. Yet many of us at forty and fifty still run internal stories and programs and patterns and beliefs formed when we were two, three, and four years old! Imagine.

Situations escalate rapidly with these radically outdated beliefs and behavioral patterns. The confusing part? We do not even recognize these underlying patterns or stories, and the situation seems crazy and random. Unfortunately, this causes us to write them off missing the golden opportunity to sort of “grow up our beliefs.”

High Frequency remains the single most helpful tool I have used to gain insight and clarity into my own internal patterns and stories. High Frequency pulls our understanding towards clarity; we see life as it presents. High Frequency grants deeper clarity and insight behind the surface into the deeper multi-layers of any situation.

It feels a bit like taking off our sunglasses and suddenly seeing the bright blue beautiful sky. Living in High Frequency eliminates the tendency to gravitate towards an escape; a normal defense mechanism that, at times, spins out of control and leaves us with blinders on and stuck in a hole of which we need to find a way out.

In our Self Synthesize! Radio Show this month, I give some practical tools to shift these old beliefs. Listen here.

I also wanted to share the process I use to become aware of my own deep hidden stories, patterns, and beliefs that need “growing up”. I hope this process helps and gives ideas of a way forward through seemingly nightmare situations.

📌 First hint: does the situation seem out of control, random, escalated without any “real cause”, extreme? If so, pause, most likely old patterns and beliefs are the underlying drivers. Recognize that this situation is a trigger situation.

📌 After acknowledging the trigger situation, step back and tease out what bothers you the most about the situation. I find it best to write this down on a sheet of paper or in a journal on a separate page. After writing the list of what bothers you, step away for a few hours or a few days.

📌 Come back to the list and circle which items are “truth” and which are “stories”. Be honest here. Stand naked in front of truth. The easy route is to lie to yourself. Don’t. Be honest.

📌 On another page write out the stories. Look at each one individually and identify when and where you picked this story up and chose to tell it. Being honest here: this is not easy and is hard work! This step might take some time. Don’t give up, take as long as needed to identify why and since when this story has been an emotional and mental crutch. This discovery phase is seriously enlightening.

📌 If the above identification stage turns out to be extremely difficult with no way forward, try this:

Just before sleep ask your own inner self while sleeping to help you understand the story and why you tell it to remain safe. Ask that you remember upon awakening so you will not forget the learning that occurred during sleep.

FYI… this works amazingly fast! Be sure to have pen and paper to write out what comes to you upon awakening.

📌 With the clarity around inner stories and patterns, you now can apply any technique to break these down and replace them with current, High Frequency clarity and stories. Rewrite your life as you wish going forward. Powerful tool!

Sending my best wishes for the new blossoming High Frequency stories!

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