3 Quick Frequency Recovery Tips!

The holidays are again here and while exciting and fun, they often cause occasional overwhelm and stress. The other day, as I was helping my client, I realized how helpful knowing two or three simple, easy techniques to maintain and recover high frequency, during the holidays, could be for us all. Thus this post was born.

As a reminder, these can be used year round and are not just for the holiday season.

Tip One

Find only one thing that you can think of, that you feel grateful for. It can be as simple as “the sun is shining today.”, or “I slept well last night.” And if you consciously hold this simple one gratitude thought for 17 seconds and repeat 2 more times, thus about a minute, you completely shift your system towards higher frequency emotional states, like gratitude, joy, compassion, love, hope, possibility. It works, and works fast. It simply requires your full focus for a minute, then you will notice other new feelings and ideas of gratitude spontaneously emerging in your thoughts, further spurring high frequency expression.

Tip Two

Smiling quickly shifts our brain towards higher frequency and positivity, even if we fake the smile. First (even faking), smiling uses more of our facial muscles and stimulates our metabolism and metabolic energy, which itself is healthier than running on stress energy. Secondly, smiling quickly shifts our neurochemical cocktail towards feel good, satisfied neurotransmitters, like dopamine, which causes us to experience satisfaction and satiation. This neurochemical shift towards “feel good” pushes us naturally towards positivity and we can access the tip one above, feeling gratitude, much easier.

S.M.I.L.E. I created the acronym from smile to emphasize how helpful this simple physical act can be:
S: smiling
M: minutes
I: intensifies
L: life
E: experiences
Smiling minutes intensifies life experiences. Isn’t this true? I have experienced this; haven’t we all?

Tip Three

Lay with legs up the wall.
Lay with legs up the wall, for between 10 and 30 minutes. It creates a restful system similar to sleeping for hours. This pose works wonders after work or school. Rebuilds your vital energy levels amazingly fast; not to mention the huge boost in mood and positivity in the mind. It also shifts the balance inside towards the parasympathetic nervous system — the rest and digest part of our autonomic nervous system — and away from an overstimulated sympathetic nervous system, our action oriented and our fight, freeze, flight mechanism.

Legs Up Recorery Frequency

Along with this simple posture you can practice Belly Breaths.

Belly breaths — put your hands on your belly and breathe in and out through your hands. Focus your breath in the belly and not the chest. Do this for a few minutes.

For extra benefit, on the
~~in breath say: “I breathe in health (or love, or peace)”,
~~out breath say: “I breathe out stress.”

Also, along with the Belly Breaths, you can practice Tip One and Tip Two, while in this posture.

I hope these simple techniques help you raise and maintain your High Frequency throughout this busy holiday season! Remember they work. It only needs you to practice them.
Wishing you a lovely year ahead with all my love and blessings!

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