High Frequency Stimulates Spiritual Health

Often when people hear the word “spirituality” they tune out the rest of the conversation. Either their religious affiliations do not like this term, or people do not want to act “spiritual” as if spiritual has a certain look or feel. Truth is folks we are all Infinite Beings having a human experience, whether we like the terminology or not, by definition we are “spiritual” beings. I have found as I have lived my life — a good portion to be honest — searching for spirituality, that the simple act of living is a “spiritual” act. How could it not be if we are Divine Beings?

Again, when in truth, we are already That; a spark of All That Is. Knowing this, life itself is sacred, “spiritual”. Our desires, dislikes, experiences — pleasant and unpleasant, emotions, actions, thoughts, all add in to the totality of Divine. Keeping a High Frequency vibratory signature allows us to glimpse the 50,000ft view of life, the overall picture that we are Divine Beings and life is a Divine sacred act. It helps us reach the fourth stage of consciousness where Divine dances as us and we recognize this eternal dance. For more information on the different stages of consciousness, please see my blog here.

As we maintain High Frequency, we stay above lower frequency emotions like fear, guilt, anger, and allow our emotions to stay in curiosity, hope, gratitude, love, etc. This helps us view life as a sacred dance and not some meaningless struggle and suffering. When I hear someone declare this negative view of life, I want to shout: “Raise your frequency and the world changes!” Of course I restrain myself — lol. I saw a recent research about smiling that found the very use of the muscles needed for smiling caused the brain the gravitate towards positivity. YES!

This has been my mantra forever. Read all my blogs, I often mention to smile even when you are not feeling in a smiling mood. The act of smiling even a forced smile changes the brain. I am smiling as I write this. The great news when we gravitate towards positivity? It becomes easy to maintain High Frequency and thus to remember the sacredness of life and of your own life and thoughts, actions, experiences, beliefs, desires, etc. Notice we have circled back to where I began this blog. This circle effect reinforces itself and becomes self perpetuating. How amazing!

Finally, I want to touch on the idea of spiritual health. What constitutes spiritual heath? Good question, especially if literally everything we think, believe, experience, do, etc. is a spiritual act. How can the murderers, evil people, be spiritual? How can their horrible actions be considered spiritual? I would be completely remiss in discussing this topic if I do not address these problems in the viewpoint I take that we are ALL Divine Beings and that ALL our actions are sacred. How can all the negativity and harming of another be called spiritual?

Earth is a free will playground. We willingly incarnate and decide the overall theme of our life before our birth, this choosing our parents to help facilitate our desires for our life. Because of the free will, souls can choose to come and play a destructive role to learn about its effects. Because of free will, this is allowed. A soul choosing to play out a destructive life will gather their soul group and ask if someone will come and play their victim(s). I will not lie to you, I consider this choice a choice of a young soul who is new to Earth and has incarnated only a few times. Old souls have incarnated hundreds or thousands of times. By the time we reach old soul status, causing harm is no longer an interest nor something we need to learn from.

Spiritual health radiates from souls that study the truth of their existence during their many lifetimes. This generates Divine knowledge and in turn spurs spiritual health. We all have the choice each life to use our life to expand our knowledge, our spiritual health and our spiritual awareness or not.
What is your choice?

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