I believe you found this website and reached this page not by accident.
My sincere intention is that whomever seeks information I can share, will find me.
I personally thank you for stopping by and am excited to share it with you.
May you enjoy exploring Self Synthesize!

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I built this website for you; and envisioned a place where anyone from anywhere in the world could come, feel safe and at home and gather valuable, effective tools to navigate life and to thrive.

My own journey of self discovery began more than 35 years ago. It has been my life’s work and journey to delve deep inside the “meaning of life“. I yearned for simple, clear answers to some of life’s most perplexing questions: “Who am I? What does life mean? How to live a thriving, successful happy life?” This quest led me around the world weaving together different philosophies, rich life and educational experiences, and profound inner Spiritual realizations.
I now see enlightenment not as a destination but as a journey. At one point on this epic odyssey, I discovered through a “Divine Download” my gift for raising Frequency. Please see the About Frequency page here to learn more.

Using Self Synthesize! and this website as a platform, I devised different mechanisms to share with you what I learned and am learning along the way.
These wisdom glimpses come from my mistakes, my confusing lack of understanding AND my insights, my intuitive downloads, the wisdom arising from my yoga and meditation practice, and my assimilation of the truths shared by enlightened mentors in my life: Mata Amritandamayi Devi, B.K.S. Iyengar and all the beautiful Divine Souls who have blessed me in life.

May this website help shorten your own journey and offer nuggets of wisdom!
My Love To You,


“Lisa has spent years exploring and studying the mysteries of life and she brings together a unique body of knowledge, combining cutting-edge neuroscience and biology research with energy work and self-healing practices.
No one puts it together like Lisa does with her Self Synthesize!® program — with the goal of empowering you so you can raise your vibrational level, connect with your divine source and guides, and be who you are truly meant to be.”

— Nancy