Other High Vibrational Frequency Resources

In our journey to continually expand our vibrational frequency, we have come across others who we have resonated with.
While each of their messaging has a unique focus and perspective, the common benevolence of these beings rings true in our hearts.

Seth Speaks with Jane Roberts

Seth with Jane Roberts
Seth channeled by Jane Roberts represents one of the first well known channeled entities. The context of this information focuses principally around the eternity of the soul and describes life as we know it from its relationship with the afterlife.
As we continue to search for valid resources on the subject, we find Seth to be the most trusted resource on the topic of the soul. The understanding and perspectives given command an open mind that’s prepared to have one’s beliefs challenged.
The overall and inspirational message that we remain eternal, we remain entities in a constant state of becoming and are supported provides soothing tranquility.

Kryon with Lee Carroll

Kryon with Lee Carroll
Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll brings a global perspective on the impact of the rise of consciousness from a planetary point of view.
With a combination of past explanations, and future predictions, one can see the impact of frequency as it relates to the bigger picture.
Kryon also provides further insight into more individual concepts including: the human merkaba, the innate and the belief systems preventing our consciousness growth.

Ray Peat

Ray Peat
Ray Peat is a true inspiration.
Armed with a PhD in biology, his unbiased and enlightening insight guides many to a healthier life.
His explanations empowering those to understand their choices of nutrition from an energy generating perspective change how we see our bodies.

Bashar with Darryl Anka

Bashar with Darryl Anka
Bashar channeled by Darryl Anka speaks more specifically about the application of vibrational frequency as well as other various topics.
His explanations identify the inherent neutrality of all things until we give them meaning surfaces the realization of the power of our choices.
We find his detailed explanations that identify how our beliefs shape the choices we make quite awakening.


Abraham with Esther Hicks
Abraham channeled by Esther Hicks brings an empowering message surrounding law of attraction.
The concept of turning thoughts to things by tuning to the vibration that resonates with the corresponding desire remains one of the best application of vibrational frequency we have seen. With no questions being off limits, Abraham still continuously relates the power of vibrational frequency. A wonderful opportunity to experience in person if you get the chance!